Quote system for shed removal business

A web app that generates quotes based on user input

Shed disposal quote system

I was contacted by Paul from Shed Disposals UK. He needed a quotation system for his business website to handle enquiries from potential customers. Having built numerous quote systems before I knew exactly what Paul was looking for and the problem he was looking to solve.

Requirements of the quote system

The main requirements were an interactive contact / quote form that had a postcode radius service area checking feature to eliminate enquiries from outside of the business service area.

The user would be required to select the service which they wanted to receive a quote for, and answer questions related to that service and their situation in order to determine if they met the criteria to have the service. If they did not meet the criteria they would need to be asked to contact the business directly in order to deal with the quote request. For customers who met the criteria, they would be presented with an automatically generated quote, based on their given answers.

The user would need to have the option of saving the quote in order to retrieve it later. And they would also be required to upload photos, in order for the business to confirm the quote.

A job for Laravel

Previous quote systems I had built were built using either plain PHP or by using the Javascript framework Vue.js. There were a couple of requirement in this brief which I had not previously built in to any of my previous quote tools, and these were the ability for clients to save their quotes to retreive later and the ability for them to upload photos and save them to their quote. This was going to be a job for Laravel.

Features of the Shed Disposal Quote System

Take a look at what went in to this automatic quote calculator

A lot went into this project. It wasn't just a case of asking some questions and outputting an estimate. We wanted to make the experience as simple and easy for the user as possible.

Service area check
Postcode radius feature to eliminate enquiries from outside of service area. Quoted price takes also into account distance travelled by business.
Service selection
User is presented with different services. Selected service determines which questions follow.
Questions about requirements
Information is gathered about the potential customer's requirements. If they do not meet the criteria for the required service, they are prompted to contact the business directly. For example, this might be because they do not have available parking for the business to park their vans near their property.
Automatic quote generation
Once all questions have been answered, a quote is generated automatically based on the given answers to the questions.
Display quote
This quote is then displayed to the user on screen.
Save quote
User is given option to save their quote. This is done by creating an account with their email address. They can then log back in at a later date to retrieve their quote.
Upload photos
The user is able to upload photos. Once photos have been uploaded, the business is notified via email. The business can then login, view the emails and confirm the quote based on the information gathered and the photos received.
Upon saving the quote, an email is sent to both the customer and the business, containing the details of the quote. This notifies the business of the new quote and gives them the opportunity to follow up on the lead.

“I contacted John as I needed an interactive quote form for handling customer enquiries on my shed removal business website. John understood my brief and was able to give valuable suggestions and insight based on his experience building similar tools.

He went on to produce a web app that does exactly what I asked for, and I could not be happier with the result. The handling of enquiries is now a much smoother process, with customers often mentioning how easy the quote system is to use.

If you are looking for a tool to help your business run more smoothly, John is the go to guy. It’s clear that he is a great developer who also understands the needs of businesses. And for this reason I cannot recommend John more highly.”

Paul Rosan
Shed Disposal U.K

How your business could benefit from a quotation system

There are lots of reasons why your business would benefit from having an automatic estimate system.

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