Plumbing Estimate Calculator

How can an estimate calculator help your plumbing business get more enquiries

Plumbing Estimate Calculator

So you have a plumbing business and you want more enquiries through your website. Let’s have a look at how we can help you do just that! This page will demonstrate how an estimate calculator can streamline your estimate process, get you more website enquiries and elevate your website to the next level.

What is a plumbing estimate calculator?

A plumbing estimate calculator is a tool that sits on your website and is designed to transform website visitors (web traffic) into enquiries. It asks your users a set of questions related to the service that they are interested in, then provides them with an instant estimate based on the answers to these questions

Why do I need an Estimate Calculator on my plumbing website?

Let’s look at some of the advantages having an estimate calculator on your plumbing website brings…

  1. Save Time

    Time is money. By automating the estimate process you can spend more time focussing on running your plumbing business.

  2. Excellent Customer Experience

    When a customer visits your website, you only have a short amount of time to convince them to enter their details and submit an enquiry. They want to know that if they do this they will receive the information they want quickly so they can make a decision as to whether they will use your business or not. Offering a customised instant estimate means that your users get the information they want quickly and efficiently, making them very likely to go ahead and submit their details.

  3. Blow Away the Competition

    Our estimate calculators look amazing. Having one on your plumbing website will make your business stand out from the crowd and make your competitors websites look poor in comparison.

I've heard enough, I want one

So you're interested in having an Estimate Calculator built for your plumbing business's website? Then let's get started!

How we setup your plumbing estimate calculator

Getting your estimate calculator setup is a simple process. You drop us a message to let us know you are interested. We then ask you some questions to gain information about your services and pricing. Once we have all the required info, we will start building your estimate calculator. This is done using our software, which we built in-house. We will then install the estimate calculator on your plumbing website. At this point your website is primed to start working to get you more leads!

How to get the most out of your plumbing estimate calculator

Get your customers using your plumbing estimate calculator!

Once your Estimate Calculator is setup and active on your plumbing website, its time to start making use of it. When users land on your website, present them with a “call to action” where you have a button saying “Get Estimate” or “Instant Estimate” (we can give you a hand with this if you need it). When they click on your “call to action” button, they will be taken to your Estimate page. Here they will answer the pre-set questions, then enter their details. The important detail here is their email address. They then submit their details in order to receive their instant estimate.

Automatically create their estimate

Their answers to the questions are handled by your estimate calculator, behind the scenes and their estimate is created. This estimate is then sent to them along with the answers to the questions they submitted. An email is also sent to you (the plumbing business owner) with the details of the estimate. They can now reply to the estimate to quickly show their intent to go ahead with the service, or they can just as easily reply with any queries they may have.

Follow up on enquiries

If you do not hear anything from the user who submitted the request for an estimate, you can follow up with them, as you have their email address (this will need to be mentioned in your website’s terms and conditions). This is great because you can ask them if they have any further questions, or even negotiate a deal with them if pricing is the issue. If you did not have an estimate calculator, many of your website users may glance at your website and leave without enquiring.

Get started with your plumbing estimate calculator

Ready to take the next step?

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Frequently asked questions about plumbing estimate calculators

Can I change the colours of my estimate calculator?
The colours of your estimate calculator can be set to whatever colours you like. The best bet is to use white or grey for the background and then use your plumbing business's brand colours for the other colours on the estimate calculator. Text colour can also be customised.
Can I use my logo on my estimate calculator?
Yes, you can use your logo on your estimate calculator. We will add your logo so that it shows up in the emails that are sent that with the estimate. If you have your logo on your website already, usually at the top of each page, this will also be present on your estimate page.
How do you calculate the estimates?
When we build your estimate calculator we will gather the information we need from you regarding services and pricing. Each answer to a question corresponds to a monetary value. With each answer that is selected this monetary value is added to a total. The total at the end is the estimate amount. Some answers can be worth nothing if they are just for information gathering purposes.
I have a WordPress website, is this compatible?
Yes, our estimate calculators are compatible with WordPress. We will install the estimate calculator for you so you do not need to worry about this!
I don't have a website, can I still use an estimate calculator?
It is best to have your estimate calculator on a website. But if you do not yet have one, we can create a domain that just has an estimate calculator on it.
Can I customise what information is needed from my website user on the customer information page?
The final page of the estimate calculator gathers the customer's information such as name, email, phone number, postcode. We have a list of fields that can be used here, not all are required. Email is always required however, as this is how your website users receive their estimate.
Are the estimate calculators responsive?
Yes, our estimate calculators are fully responsive. They look great on all devices and screen sizes!
I'm still unsure if an estimate calculator is for me, can I get more information?
Sure, we are happy to provide more information to you. Just drop us a message here and we will get back to you ASAP.

Need an estimate calculator for your plumbing business?

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