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Nicely designed Loft Conversion websites

The best looking loft conversion websites I could find on the internet

Loft Conversion websites that actually look nice

I know what you are thinking, why does this article need to be written? And the answer is simple, I need to churn out some content! But luckily, this is actually quite an interesting topic. So without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s take a look at some bloody nice looking websites, in the loft conversion industry.

What makes a loft conversion website look decent?

When we talk about ‘nice looking’ websites, what do we mean? Well basically, there are different characteristics of a website that can determine whether it looks good, or if it looks like a piece of poo. Some of these factors include using high quality images/photographs, good use of white space and a generally well thought out and clean design. High quality photos are particularly important for loft conversion websites, as it important to showcase the work on offer.

Nice website design is easy though, right?

You might think that designing a good looking website is easy. Well I’ve got news for you, it’s not! Being good at web design is way more difficult than it seems. There are subtle design features that can be the difference between a good and bad looking website. I personally avoid all of these issues by using component libraries such as Tailwind UI (check out my Tailwind UI review).

Need some inspiration for a loft conversion website you’re building? Well let your beady little eyes take a look at these beauties!

The websites

Good Build Superstore ( loft conversion website screenshot loft conversion website screenshot

What I like about this website from Good Build Superstore is that it has a clear theme running throughout. When you look at it, it just makes sense. There is nothing jarring about it. Which is a compliment, I promise.

Nexus Homes Group (

Nexus Homes Group loft conversion website screenshot
Nexus Homes Group website screenshot

Another website with a clear theme running throughout. I like the use of photography to showcase their work. Built by the guys at Living Online, a digital marketing agency in Perth. Very well done indeed. I’m not sure if Nexus strictly offer ‘loft conversions’ but they do do (lol do do) ‘second storey additions’ which I’m guessing is an Australian equivalent. Those guys do it different down there.

Do you need a loft conversion website for your business?

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